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Infamous Cheats

Undetected GTA Online Mods & Cheats

Infamous' chat was radically deleted again by Discord themselves. We are working on a better, more permanent solution regarding community chat, meaning one that isn't so over-regulated.

Also, regarding Infamous menu updates: please refer to this thread https://www.infamouscheats.cc/threads/doomsday-dlc-and-downtime.1646/

Thanks for your patience, we'll work it out.
Infamous customers,

The Doomsday Heist DLC has dropped. We will be busy developing Infamous to include the content and work alongside it. There is no ETA on this, obviously, but we will get it into your hands as soon as possible.

Just as the case is with any other update, we will put this through the same rigorous testing and stress-testing to ensure safety for everyone.

This looks like a really good update, so stay tuned.

Infamous Staff
Infamous customers,

When opening a Support Ticket, these must be kept professional. If you wish to joke, banter, or goof around, that's totally fine. Please do so in the right environment, though. Our Support Ticket system is something we take seriously, and it's a direct line of communication with Staff and Developers. Please stay mindful of that.

Reminder to all in the community, we do have a new Infamous Discord, as well. All are encouraged to join us there.

Sorry guys, here's is an update that also works with steam.


Same post, new file attached.
# Warning

### This version include UID and IP faking for Platinum users.

**We strongly recommend that you avoid using these features, especially UID faking, as they are very powerful, and will cause issues such us: friends not being able to join you in session.**

# Changelog

* [platinum] added `Online:: Protection::Fake IP` and `Online:: Protection::Fake UID`
* Improved Object and Ped Attachment Protection
* Moved Object Attachment Detection to `Online:: Protection` where it should have been

* `Ctrl+E` shortcut for engine starting/helicopter spotlight now actually works

* [fix] occasional crash with Object Attachment Protex.
* [fix] no longer crashes when using Reset Settings
* [add] totally clears database settings (not saved skins/cars) when using Reset Settings; restart required after
* [fix] no longer tries to repeatedly remove un-removable peds when ped saturation protex is enabled

* [add] added toggles for hotkeys: `Developer: Entity Info (Shift+I)`, `Engine Start/Stop (Ctrl+E)`, `Chat Bot Test (Shift+/)`, `Object Search (Ctrl+/)` (broken), `Global Viewer (Ctrl+PgDn)`, `Resurrect (Shift+[)`
* [fix] rewrote Shed Attachments (Ctrl+[) hopefully less crashes
* [add] explode ai enemies should work in cargo missions now
* [add] teleport to mission objective should cargo missions, green supplies, etc

* [fix] fixed the crash (Ctrl+[) but have made the whole thing REALLY BARE BONES - weapons won't restore.

* [improvement] better `Hotkeys::Teleport (Numpad-Del)` for cargo missions
* [improvement] better `Hotkeys::Kill Enemies (PgUp)` for cargo missions
* [improvement] air-brake for 3Dconnexion controllers now deploys parachute if ped is dropped

* `Hotkeys::Teleport (Numpad-Del)` prioritises destinations over cargo, and will place you above your target if there is something in the way.
* `Hotkeys::Kill Enemies (PgUp)` uses COMBATMG (Peds) and RAILGUN...